Getting More Riot Points

Most people have discovered the value in buying riot points. They are purchased at the riot store, and they are used for the game League Of Legends. These points are great for helping you gain access to locked champions and skins within the game. Skins are used to change your champion’s appearance. Changing the appearance can also change things such as quotes. Legendary riot points even affect the play of the game to some degree. So… How do I get more riot points?

One way to get more riot points is through the many package deals which are offered. These deals allow access to points in bundles. It is important to research which deals are the best ones, however. These points are bought using regular currency, and they can become expensive over time. Some gamers have discovered that you actually get a better deal when you buy larger amounts of riot points at once. The difference in riot points versus the money you spend can vary greatly. It pays to go ahead and buy as many as possible at one time.

Another way to get more riot points is through levels. You can move up in levels quickly if you’re good at the game League Of Legends. For example, gamers who reach level 3 can earn up to 400 riot points! This system rewards those who are dedicated to advancing through the game. Many prefer this method over buying them because it takes skill to get the points. Those who get their riot points through their skill are more respected as a result. This system was not in place for older gamers, and some of them think it is unfair that new gamers can get 400 riot points from level 3, when others never had this option.

Other gamers are trying more devious tactics such as using riot points generators. Two very well known gamers have been in the spotlight recently for releasing their own generator. Check out why they created the free riot points generator, it’s an interesting story.